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Start a career in medical billing and coding


Be hired as a medical billing and coding professional. Most people who end up working from home in medical billing started with more conventional work in a clinic. Starting in a clinic will help you prove that you can work on the site and that you can fulfill the responsibilities of the field. Already at […]

How to Wash Teeth

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Brushing your teeth is not just about making your smile white and fresh breath: it’s important for your overall health. When you brush them, in fact, remove the plaque, a thin layer of bacteria that settles on the teeth that causes tooth decay, problems with the gums and, if ignored for a long time, it […]

How to open a doctor’s office

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Having your own doctor’s office or medical practice can represent your freedom in order to be your own boss and to choose your own patients. If you think about opening your own practice, you will have to be organized and you must have a plan. You will also have to be a licensed doctor and […]